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I actually already have Silence Of The Lambs on an earlier blu-ray release, but the surplus of excellent supplementary materials and the 4K remaster made me decide it was worth a double-dip I very seldom do this. This is a 2 disc set, with the film feature on disc 1 and the supplementary materials on disc 2. The release also includes a small booklet featuring an introduction by Foster, an essay by critic Amy Taubin, pieces from and by author Thomas Harris on the origins of the character Hannibal Lecter, and a interview with Demme.

Video quality-wise, the 4K restoration really shows off a crisp and clean image with more details that I can make out compared to my older copy of the film, although the jump in quality is not as pronounced as say, an upgrade from dvd to blu-ray. I spent a good amount of time watching most of the making of materials and interviews on the 2nd disc, and definitely learned a thing or two about the film-making process of this most excellent film.

These fantastic supplementary materials, coupled with the upgrade in the video quality of the film makes this a superb package. My highest recommendations. This is my favorite movie, I rewatch it from time to time. No other film has the same feel to it. I own a copy of the Ultimate Edition which has about 20 minutes of deleted scenes. Maybe someday. Anyway, thanks if you have time to read this and sorry if my English is bad. There are several Amazon purchase links for different countries in my post above, and most if not all of them should ship internationally to your country.

Ghibli Museum Photography Book Review. Upcoming anime films 2 — Appleseed Ex Machina. The top resource for anime and Japanese art book reviews. Please ask before using any images from this site.The selection of 4K Blu-rays below includes nature documentaries, sci-fi films, musicals, drams and more and all with blockbusting soundtracks, to put your home cinema system through its paces.

Whether you want to entertain the family during movie night or marvel at some cutting-edge picture quality, slide one of these 4K Blu-rays into your player and let the film do all the work.

Voiced by the inimitable Sir David Attenborough, the continent by continent format is slightly irrelevant but it makes absolutely no difference. It's yet another marvellous excuse to bring us the best looking set of big cat hunts, mating rituals and migrations around right now. It's filmed across a huge variety of landscapes - mountains, jungles, deserts, grasslands, cities, arctic tundra - each with thistle-sharp definition and its own incredible palette of colours.

If we had to call a favourite, it would be the cheetahs but it's all bloomin' amazing and is arguably the very best 4K Blu-ray disc for testing your system from top to bottom. The film is jam-packed with slow pans over the decimated French countryside. Colour is thin on the ground but the open flames seen later in the film should be vibrant, toasty and bright against the darkness. This is a truly sumptuous disc that will give your whole system a workout right from the first frame.

The soundtrack is just as challenging.

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The Hans Zimmer-composed, Vangelis-like score is full of deep, bold, oppressive bass frequencies that the average TV and even soundbar will find impossible to recreate, and that will cause a poor quality subwoofer to warble or rattle. Dunkirk is a film of scale - the gigantic wide shots of the never-ending Normandy sky; the enormous sweeps of the huge, flat beaches; the sheer number of soldiers stranded on the barren sands; the extra big 65mm IMAX film that Christopher Nolan used to shoot this wartime epic.

Pop this in your player and you'll know why you bought a big TV, but it's got more than size going for it. The other watchword for Dunkirk is 'texture'. There's a kind of a dulled colour grade to the finished piece and such uniformity of hue that it makes it a brilliant playground for highly capable HDR TVs to really show off what they can do with shading. The grey clouds, the grainy beach and the choppy Channel become characters all of their own.

If Dunkirk is texture, then Guardians 2 is all about colour.

Silence Blu-ray Review

You can rely on many of the Marvel films to have a good, even balance of colour and, set in space, filled with aliens and featuring one main character with bright green skin and another in bright blue, this one has got to be the most vibrant in the MCU.

After a brief opener in Missouri, it's one of the most vivid films you'll find. From the stunning gold of the Sovereign to the Kaleidoscope of Ego's World, it's a feast of colour.

From colour to contrast - the harsh, cloudless glare of the sun moving through the Martian sky makes for some incredibly stark lighting in the many exterior shots of this film. The various oranges of the planet's surface are struck by patterns of pitch dark shadows, giving your TV a real test of how well it can render images of very bright and very dark areas at the same time.

Once inside the Mars habitat, there's then a great opportunity to appreciate how well your set can handle white details with all the NASA suits and equipment mostly white and light grey. There's a slight grey kind of grain to this film and the colours are a little muted but it's the dark detail you're here for. There's not an awful lot of daylight in this film at all.

What little there is comes mostly from the revisited freeway crash scene which is itself an excellent test of dark detail with all the black cars and henchman outfits, anyway. This film is mostly shot in dingy bars, even dingier bad guy laboratories and the odd low-lit apartment, and if your set isn't showing you much action, then it's probably time to buy a new one. Most of all, though, you should buy Deadpool because it's one of the funniest and well put together superhero films out there.

It's all supposed to look a little unreal and that's partly done by pushing the colours through the roof and using visual effects perhaps a little more than most filmmakers would consider wise. It's not one to calibrate your set by but it needs to look magical without coming across too plastic and fake. The shots in the lifeboat should start making you a little bit queasy, the Piscine Molitor must be a place you need to swim, and if you don't develop a healthy fear of lb Bengal tigers, then your TV's not doing its job.

This old-time style film musical is what big screens were made for. The countless wide shots, the large scale choreography and so much of the action set on huge stages in front of enormous crowds - it should all snap into focus when watched in 4K HDR on a capable system. Bigger still, though, is the soundtrack.Kevin Crumb's James McAvoy fractured mind has revealed 23 personalities, but one remains dangerously submerged, set to materialize and dominate the others.

McAvoy delivers "the role of his career" Peter Debruge, Variety as Kevin reaches a war for dominance among all those that rage within him, threatening his stability and impacting the survival of everyone around him. There are a lot of us — myself included — who owe M.

Night Shyamalan a big, fat apology. I was a huge fan of his early work, such as The Sixth SenseUnbreakableand Signsbut — like many of you I suspect — slowly began to lose all interest in the director after lackluster efforts such as The VillageLady in the WaterThe Happeningand After Earth. The man who was once called the successor to Steven Spielberg seemed like another flash-in-the-pan whose rocket burned bright for a while, but burned out far too quickly.

Night we knew and loved all those years ago still had a little left in the tank. And now we get Split - not only the director's best movie in more than a decade, but one that ranks right up there with his best work. Turns out that rocket had a second stage we didn't know about.

Split begins at the conclusion of a girls' birthday party where gal pals Claire Haley Lu Richardson and Marcia Jessica Sula tell Claire's father about how another girl that has been invited to the party, Casey Anya Taylor-Joyis a bit of a recluse. Casey is waiting for someone to pick her up, but Claire's father insists on driving her home — not wanting to leave her waiting there alone.

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In the parking lot, the three girls get in the car, but don't see the father being drugged to the point of unconsciousness as he's putting items in the trunk. A mysterious stranger who we'll soon learn goes by many names and many personalities and played incredibly by James McAvoy gets in the car, drugs the two girls in the back, and eventually drugs Casey as well when she makes a move to escape.

The trio is taken to the man's underground lair, where they discover he suffers from DID or "Dissociative Identity Disorder"with some of his personalities being quite terrifying and others being more passive and kind. Some of his identities are more dominant than others, however, and viewers learn that two in particular, a male named "Dennis" and a female named "Patricia", are really running the show.

silence 4k blu ray

One of the other identities, "Barry", who loves fashion design, meets frequently with psychiatrist Karen Fletcher Betty Buckleyalthough she is aware of the 23 personalities that he carries inside. While Dr. Fletcher has no idea about the girls he's currently holding captive, she does become intrigued by a 24th personality that Barry, Dennis, etc.

Night has a much more powerful vision in mind Night and his other movies. Thankfully, unlike so many other M.

Ultra HD Blu-ray

Night titles, the movie stands alone without the reveal at the very end which comes after the title card, but quickly enough that viewers won't tune out before seeing it. The director could have very easily released this movie without the "twist" at all, and I wouldn't have changed my admiration for the film one iota. Going into the movie, I was worried that this would just be another typical Hollywood thriller, with McAvoy chewing the scenery and endless "scare" moments you know the kind But it's not that at all.

In fact, I don't think there's a single "scare" moment as described above in the entire movie although it's certainly scaryand despite the villainy of McAvoy's character, he often comes off as quite sympathetic. The 50GB Blu-ray and dual-layer DVD are housed inside a standard Elite keepcase, which includes an insert with a code for an iTunes or UltraViolet digital copy of the movie on one side and a code for a free digital movie on the flip side.

silence 4k blu ray

A slipcover with artwork matching that of the keepcase's slick slides overtop. The Blu-ray's main menu is the typical Universal design, with a still of the movie's one-sheet poster on the right two-thirds of the screen and menu selections vertically down the left side of the screen.

silence 4k blu ray

Split was shot digitally on Arri Alexa XT cameras and is presented here in the 2. If you've seen that movie, the look of this title isn't too dissimilar.

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Split has a very warm look to it, with colors often bordering on the edge of oversaturation, especially the reds and oranges. Because so much of the story takes place in the main character's dimly lit underground lair, black levels are important — and while I wouldn't go as far to say they are "inky deep", they're good enough that noise doesn't rear its ugly head in the backgrounds and shadow dilatation is pretty solid.The absolute best picture and sound quality still comes from physical discs namely, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discsnot streaming media services.

It also has more audio connection options, adds a front-panel display, and is faster in use than the DP-UB, but it costs significantly more. It offers good video performance and a user-friendly interface. This player also allows you to access the non-4K versions of many streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, but it can connect to your home network only via Ethernet, not Wi-Fi.

With the help of Stacey Spears co-creator of the Spears and Munsil HD Benchmark test discthe team devised a testing system to determine which Blu-ray players were actually accurate and which were not, working to show that, even in the digital domain, you can introduce errors because of color-space conversions and other factors.

A 4K Blu-ray player, and the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs that play on it, is the component to buy if you want the absolute best video and audio presentation of your favorite films. The picture quality varies greatly from service to service and is largely dependent on your Internet speed and reliability. This means that 4K discs can provide more fine detail, less compression, fewer artifacts, and a better-looking image.

And whereas all streaming services use compressed audio formats, most 4K Blu-ray discs contain lossless soundtracks, often in the Dolby Atmos or DTS:X format, which adds overhead and height effects for an even more immersive experience.

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On its own, the improved resolution in 4K Blu-ray content over standard Blu-ray content may not be that obvious. Most Hollywood movies are currently made this way, because finishing in 4K is more expensive and time-consuming.

This means that the improvements in picture quality come primarily from HDR and WCG, not from the increased image resolution. When we originally created this guide inwe researched all of the 4K Blu-ray players available at that time and called in almost every player we could. But these days the number of new players to test is dwindling: Some manufacturers including Samsung and Oppo have officially stopped making new 4K Blu-ray players, and others including LG and Sony have not introduced new models since This setup allowed us to compare still images sourced from each player side by side.

Both of these TVs support Dolby Vision, and we calibrated each to be as accurate as possible so that we could see exactly what the disc was outputting on the screen.

In addition to picture quality, we considered the design of the players, how easy they were to use, how responsive the interface was, which streaming services they offered, and how well they upscaled lower-resolution Blu-ray and DVD movies to a 4K resolution. So, while we appreciate the inclusion of streaming apps, it is not a major criterion in our selection of the best Blu-ray player. One of the distinguishing features of the player is HDR Optimizer.

A display can deal with these bright highlights in a number of different ways; commonly the display clips the highlight so the entire highlight becomes white, and you lose detail. With the DP-UB you can select the type of display you have, and it will reduce the brightness of those highlights so that you can see them better. With the TCL TV, it modified the very brightest highlights while leaving the rest of the image as it was. With the Vizio P-Series TV, which uses its own tone mapping to avoid clipping highlights, HDR Optimizer still improved the image by preserving color saturation in those highlights.

To save space, Blu-ray discs reduce the amount of chroma, or color, details that they store, so the player has to re-create that. This Panasonic player does so better than the competition, producing an image with more details and fewer artifacts. However, it does not support Dolby Vision discs see Flaws but not dealbreakers below.Product Description In this chilling adaptation of the best selling novel by Thomas Harris, the astonishingly versatile director Jonathan Demme crafted a taut psychological thriller about an American obsession: serial murder.

As Clarice Starling, an FBI trainee who enlists the help of the infamous Hannibal 'the Cannibal' Lecter to gain insight into the mind of another killer, Jodie Foster subverts classic gender dynamics and gives one of the most memorable performances of her career. As her foil, Anthony Hopkins is the archetypal antihero cultured, quick witted, and savagely murderous delivering a harrowing portrait of humanity gone terribly wrong.

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Fast Delivery. Trusted seller.To differentiate Ultra HD Blu-ray titles on store shelves, the format uses a black opaque or slightly transparent keep case packaging format. This also means that each revolution of such a disc transfers more data than a revolution of a standard Blu-ray Disc, which means the transfer rate is higher despite the same linear velocity. In addition, the disc can be encoded to have the drive spin back up to the full 5, rpm starting from a point slightly away from the innermost part of the disc if an even higher transfer rate is needed.

As of January 23,the BDA spec v3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Optical disc storage medium, succeeds Blu-ray. Optical disc Optical disc drive Optical disc authoring Authoring software Recording technologies Recording modes Packet writing Burst cutting area. Optical media types. History of optical storage media High-definition optical disc format war. Early 4K Blu-ray display at Best Buy. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved September 5, Archived from the original on October 13, Retrieved October 18, The Verge.

Vox Media. Archived from the original on June 12, Retrieved October 10, Archived from the original on August 1, Archived from the original on October 8, Future Publishing. Archived from the original on December 14, Retrieved February 13, May 12, Archived from the original on October 31, Retrieved October 28, Palmer High-Def Digest. Archived from the original on Digital Trends. From Vinyl to Plastic. Archived from the original on 10 January Captured and imprisoned, both men are plunged into an odyssey that will test their faith, challenge their sanity and, perhaps, risk their very lives.

Which isn't to say Scorsese's epic isn't a beautiful, exotic, thought-provoking, impeccably crafted, moving, and, at times, harrowing work. It's all of those things. Scorsese is a superior artist - that's an unequivocal fact - but the gravity of his subject and the responsibility he must have felt to perfectly realize his vision seem to weigh upon him and are reflected in the movie's presentation. The somber, didactic tone and methodical narrative progression often stymie the story, as does Scorsese's obsession with the potent religious themes running through it.

The notion that someone so strong and devout could abandon everything he believes, even under the most horrific circumstances, is unfathomable to the two idealistic, headstrong priests, who quickly implore their superior to let them pursue the missing missionary and help the collapsing Christian cause in Japan. Permission is reluctantly granted, and the impressionable "army of two" embarks upon an arduous and dangerous odyssey into a hostile, foreign, and staggeringly complex culture.

The reign of terror ravages the country, and against this turbulent backdrop, Father Rodrigues and Father Garupe desperately scour the country in search of Christians, and seek to nurture and protect them.

But Inquisitor Inoue Issei Ogata continually sabotages their tireless efforts, resulting in captivity and torture.

Best 4K Blu-ray discs to test your system

Father Rodrigues beseeches God to intervene and end the suffering and strife, but his prayers yield only silence. And that silence slowly tortures Father Rodrigues and forces him to question God's love and God's will.

It's a bit confusing at first, and the thick dialects make deciphering critical information difficult, but as the movie progresses we begin to assimilate, and soon develop a deeper understanding of the conflicts that divide the country.

Yet they instill in us tremendous sympathy and admiration for both the sacrifices so many were willing to make and their unwavering commitment to and belief in their religion.

The Best 4K Blu-ray Player

At times, the incessant philosophical dialogue becomes wearing, but the excellent performances almost make it bearable. Garfield, when given worthy material, is unquestionably one of cinema's finest young actors, and his earnest, emotional, and vigorous portrayal of the anguished Father Rodrigues carries the film.

Driver, in a much smaller role and looking frighteningly gauntcomplements him well, as does the always magnetic Neeson as the elusive Father Ferreira. The part is little more than a cameo, but Neeson makes the most of it, making us wish he could have had more screen time.

It's still an impressive film worthy of attention, but one that requires patience and endurance Silence arrives on Blu-ray packaged in a standard case inside a matte sleeve with raised lettering.

A Digital HD redemption code is tucked inside the front cover. Once the disc is inserted into the player, the static menu with music immediately pops up; no previews or promos precede it. Exceptional clarity and contrast distinguish the razor sharp image, which is devoid of grain and sports a lustrous sheen, while dense black levels lend it necessary weight. Colors appear natural, with lush greens often dominating the frame during exterior scenes, and excellent shadow delineation enhances dark sequences.

Close-ups highlight every scraggly hair on Garfield's face, as well as the careworn creases that line the faces of the persecuted Japanese Christians, and the texture of clothing and primitive structures is marvelously distinct. Background elements are easy to discern, and no blemishes, crush, banding or other digital anomalies afflict the pristine source material. Bottom line Surround activity isn't as frequent or palpable as one might desire, but noticeable stereo separation across the front channels helps immerse us in the exotic atmosphere.

Thick native accents make some of the exchanges difficult to comprehend, but dialogue is well prioritized nonetheless. A wide dynamic scale keeps distortion at bay and heightens the impact of the intermittent music score, which sounds rich and full.

Silent Madness - Blu-Ray Opening and Overview!

And, true to form, the many moments of silence in the movie remain consistently pure. Only a single supplement is included on the disc. It would be fascinating to have a Scorsese audio commentary so we could really get under the film's skin from the director's perspective, but no such luck.

Scorsese, along with a number of cast and crew members, provides essential religious and historical perspective and cogent character analyses to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the story. In addition, Garfield discusses his intense preparation for his role, while Driver addresses the physically challenging aspects of the production.

We also learn about the background of some of the key Japanese actors in the film, the language barriers and cultural differences that complicated the shoot, and Scorsese's deeply personal connection to the project. Lots of behind-the-scenes footage complements this stimulating and absorbing piece that's better than most featurettes of this ilk. The story of a dedicated priest who tries to promote Christianity and find a missing member of his brethren amid the barbarism of 17th century Japan explores many issues of faith and culture, but languorous pacing and too many soul-searching moments dull its impact.

Paramount's Blu-ray presentation skimps on supplements, but features terrific video and audio transfers that immerse us in the exotic setting and historical time period. Scorsese's epic will not appeal to a wide audience, but is definitely worth a look for the director's fans and those who appreciate philosophical films.

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